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Raising your Hand to Serve


The Day One Project is seeking scientific and technological (S&T) experts interested in bringing their knowledge and skills into the federal government on a tour of public service. FAS' Day One Talent Hub works with federal government agency partners by connecting them with qualified experts from our talent directory and onboard individuals as FAS Impact Fellows.


A tour of service is an opportunity to use your expertise and skills to drive the largest scale of impact. Through your time in government, you’ll not only be working towards a better bottom line, you’ll also gain experiences, capabilities, and networks that can change and strengthen your own professional journey.

If you’re interested in bringing your expertise to a tour of service, raise your hand by filling out the form below and a member of our team will review your interest. For more information, read our FAQ or reach out to

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect after I fill out the interest form?

The Day One Project team will review and record your information for future opportunities that arise through the Day One Talent Hub. Filling out the interest form does not guarantee an aligned future opportunity.

Why should I consider a tour of public service?

Public service is an opportunity to apply your knowledge and expertise towards the public good, as well as develop a professional skill set that can continue to benefit your career even after you leave government service. For many, public service is an opportunity to work on programs/products with far greater impact than within the private sector, as well as move the needle on issue areas you may have previously focused on within your work, like climate change, racial justice, and equitable healthcare, to name just a few.

Do fellows work for the Administration?

Not specifically. Fellows will be placed in federal agencies and as such, will serve the American people, not a specific Administration. However, fellows may work on projects or be in discussions for issues that support a Presidential priority. Additionally, fellows are independent, non-partisan and non-affiliated - they work to bring their subject matter expertise to agencies, not positions from outside entities. They are expected to adhere to the same ethical and conflict of interest standards that career civil servants do and to focus on the agency and project missions.

Who is the type of candidate we’re looking for?

We are looking for S&T subject matter area and policy experts. This includes professionals with technical scientific and technical skills, as well as those who have honed expertise in research, advocacy, or policy formation adjacent to S&T fields. We are also looking for individuals with an interest in public service, a team-based attitude, and someone who can demonstrate perseverance when confronted with challenges; these qualities are essential for individuals to be successful in government service. If you’re unsure if your experience is a match, but are interested in public service, we encourage you to fill out our interest form anyway!

What opportunities are there to serve in the federal government?

The Day One Talent Hub works with federal agency partners to surface and scope the myriad opportunities there are to bring scientific and technical talent into government to deliver on high-impact priorities. While our team cannot make guarantees about volume or type of roles, we will work to align the qualifications and interests a candidate indicates with opportunities that are surfaced by our partners. If you are successfully hired for an opportunity, we will support your onboarding process and provide additional support throughout the fellowship program.

What ethics and conflict of interest issues should I be aware of?

Regardless of the type of hiring authority that Talent Hub fellows enter the government, they will be considered federal employees for the duration of their assignment. This means all federal ethics and conflict of interest rules apply, including post-work restrictions (e.g. a one year “cooling off period” and prohibition on representing others in connection with the specific project worked on during the government assignment in front of that agency). Prospective candidates to this fellowship should take these requirements into consideration before applying for this program. The following are helpful guides that explain the various post-employment restrictions.