Building Back with a Cleaner Power Grid for America

Author: Charles Yang


Achieving energy decarbonization in America will require a power grid supplied by renewable energy and backed by ample energy storage. The challenge is that many types of renewable energy provide power intermittently depending on factors such as the time of day or weather conditions. To maintain grid reliability while working towards a nation powered by 100% renewable energy, the Biden-Harris Administration should accelerate adoption of distributed energy resources and expand transmission capacity to create a more unified national power grid. These efforts will increase equitable access to clean energy, accelerate investment in renewables, and create thousands of long-term, high-skilled jobs in a robust American energy sector.

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About the Author

Charles Yang is a master’s student at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is also affiliated with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research focuses on applying artificial intelligence to solve scientific and engineering problems, including discovering new optical materials and optimizing power-grid dynamics.