A Civic Research Initiave 

Restoring US Leadership in Manufacturing

Modernizing Radio Spectrum Management

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Have your Data and use it too 

Establishing a National Manufacturing Foundation 

Establishing a National Water 

Addressing Organ Donor Crisis 

Mass Digitizing Biodiversity

A National Strategy on Privacy and Civil Liberties 

Diminishing Russian Influence 

Making Computer Science Education Universal for all Students 

Smart Cities Technology

Have your data and use it too - AI 

A National Energy Storage Initiative 

Creating HARPA 

Ambitious, Achievable, Sustainable

Closing Critical Gaps from Lab to Market

Building trust 

Expanding the health policy mission 

Leading the Way

Modernizing the relationship 

Harnessing Data Analytics

Transforming Infant Nutrition

Machine learning to triage S&T research

Preventing Catastrophic Wildfire


National Climate Bank2

Regenerative ag.

Open Source Pharma

Secure Electronics

Supporting Equitable Access to Education by Closing the Homework Gap_Fazlullah

Managing Wildlife Movement

Restoring FCC Authority Sohn

Section 230

A National Frontier Tech Public-Private Partnership to Spur Economic Growth

Use Online Tutoring to Address COIVD-19 Learning Loss and Create Jobs _LevinLevin

⁠Digital Market Competition

Zero Emission Fueling Stations for Trucks and Buses_Drake.pdf

Accelerating Deployment of Innovations to Modernize the U.S. Electric Grid_CohenCatariousSchaub.pdf

Improve Science Advice for Executive Branch Decision-Making_GoldmanMathur.pdf

A National Strategy to Counter COVID-19 Misinformation_BagherpourNouri

Creating a National Fellowship for

Entrepreneurial Scientists and


Digital Citizenship: A National Imperative to Protect and Reinvigorate our Democracy

Scaling Proven IT

Sustaining the Biking Boom_zipper

Building Medical Supply Chain Resilience through a U.S. Manufacturing Reserve and Digital Stockpile

Securing the Nation’s Educational Technology_Collins

Preventing the next pandemic - dehgan

Creating Transparency and Fairness in Automated Decision Systems for Administrative Agencies_wei

Enabling access to transport funds

Creating advanced manufacturing collab for ppe - holub

Transforming Workforce Training Through Federal Leadership in XR Technology

AI/ML payments - MITRE

Science Engagement

Establishing a U.S. Entrepreneurial Corps to Foster an Inclusive Small Business Ecosystem_GoetzelGrantBirnbaum

B2B Sharing- Leader


Accelerating Innovation at USAID

Lunar and Astroid Task Force _ Okoro

Unlocking Beneficial Capital by Improving Investor Transparency_MonkRookSharma.pdf

Leverage Transit-Oriented Development Loan Programs to Accelerate Equitable Economic Recovery

Convergence Research _Evasius

Protecting Children’s Privacy at Home, at School, and Everywhere in Between_Johnson.pdf

Ensuring healthy homes- eliminating lead and other housing hazards_National Center for Healthy Housing.pdf

National Bioeconomy Manufacturing and Innovation Initiative_Titus.pdf

The Digital Corps_SinaiKuang.pdf

Ensuring PLatform Transparency and Accountability_nonnecke

Addressing Challenges at the Intersection of Civil Rights and Technology_MoyRejous.pdf

Advancing Economic, Health, and Racial Equity by Increasing the Use of Evidence and Data

An Evidence-based Approach to Controlling Drug Costs

Ensuring the Next Generation of STEM Talent through K–12 Research Programming_AjmeraAlper.pdf

Advancing American AI through

National Public-Private Partnerships for AI Research



Cassidy_Patent Innovation


Elevating Patients as Partners in Management of Their Health Data and Tissue Samples 




Fair Artificial Intelligence Research & Regulation (FAIRR) Bureau

Rethinking Payment for Prevention in Healthcare






Building Thriving Local Economies by Leveraging the Maker Movement to Close the Skills Gap

A Proposal to Elevate Science and Technology Policy at the State Department_Prescott.pdf


Advancing Astrobiology

Compliance as code


Enabling Federal Agencies to Tackle Complex Problems with the Help of Makers-In-Residence_Jones-DavisSantoso.pdf

Climate Resilience_Nateghi

A Federal Adaptive Manufacturing Initiative_Ling


Carbon Tax to Combat Climate Change_Knittel

Advanced Space Architectures Program (ASAP)_Roesler et al

Energy Transition Workforce Initiative_Foster

National AI For Good_Mitchell et al

Improving Learning through Data Standards for Educational Technologies_Whitmer et al

Delivering Healthcare Services_Auerswald

Community Learning Ecosystems_Behr

Opening Up Mortality Data_Roosz et al

IDEAL Commission_Shea

Interoperability Standards_Nandagopal

DOE LPO_Kearney et al

Federal IT Modernization_Bohannon Hettinger

1000 Venture Scientists VSD_Campbell Falcao

Expanding Fraduate Research Fellowship_Sosanya

Averting Environmental Risks in Space_Mehlman et al

Section 230_Electronic Frontier Foundation (Cope et al)


Building Back Cleaner Power Grid_Charles Yang


Local Innovation Unit_Sorin Zimmerman

Repurposing Generic_Kleiman

Wildfires_CCST (Feo et al)

STEM Education_Pena

Graduate Education_Cuny et al


Scientific Methods_Crotty Stebbins

White House Disability Council_Stebbins et al


FAV Accessibility_Fink Guidice

Demystifying Tech Careers_Agostino


Competitiveness through Immigration_Hovey

Digital Mental Health_Schueller

Rural High-Speed Connectivity_Stratton

Mitigating Doxing Risks_Lee Chen

Electric aviation_shum

ARAPA Models_Prabhakar



AI Procurement_Zhang et al

Steering AV Innovation_Gilbert et al

5G Autonomous Vehicles_Kelley et al

International Standards_Thompson Montgomery


Enabling Responsible US leadership on AI_ Dipayan+co

FASTER Act_Darmody

National Disinfo Cloud_ Savage




ED IES_KumarDanRujuta


Heterogeneous Computing Institute_ Breckenfeld