Media Highlights
Axios Features Proposal on Addressing Civil Rights and Technology Issues
Laura Moy and Gabrielle Rejouis proposed that the Administration should establish a task force to address issues at the intersection of civil rights and emerging technologies. Read the coverage from Axios here.
Maya Ajmera's Game Plan for STEM Diversity Featured in Hill Op-Ed
Maya Ajmera outlined a plan for the Administration to accelerate diversity in STEM in a proposal published by the Day One Project. Read the Hill opinion piece here.
FedScoop Features Day One Proposal on Creating a Digital Corps 
Nick Sinai and Chris Kuang proposed that the Administration should create a two-year fellowship for early-career technologists at federal agencies. Read the coverage from FedScoop here.
POLITICO Features Day One Proposal on Tackling COVID-19 Misinformation
POLITICO featured Blair Levin's and Ellen Goodman's Day One proposal on creating a COVID-19 Commission focused on public health misinformation. Read the feature here.
NPR and New America Highlight Proposal to Fix Unemployment Crisis
In a Day One proposal, Marcus Courtney and Adam Bobrow call for the Administration to address the COVID-19 unemployment crisis. Read the coverage from NPR and New America.
Washington Post Covers Proposal on Preventing Catastrophic Wildifres 
Patrick Gonzalez's Day One proposal outlines a national strategy for proactive fire management. Read the coverage from the Washington Post here and here.
FedScoop Features Day One Proposal on Federal IT Modernization
FedScoop featured a Day One proposal on federal IT modernization from Ann Dunkin and Greg Godbout. Read the feature here.
Axios, Forbes, and Slate Feature Proposal on Section 230 Reform
Matt Perault's Day One proposal argues for the Administration to take a targeted approach to reforming Section 230. Read the coverage from Axios, Forbes, and Slate.
Axios Features Proposal on Closing the Homework Gap
Amina Fazlullah's Day One proposal argues for the Administration to leverage all available policy tools to close the homework gap. Read the coverage from Axios here.