FAS & The Pew Charitable Trusts Evidence Project are inviting the broader science, technology, innovation, and research community to contribute ideas rooted in the production, use, and uptake of scientific evidence to improve policy outcomes across critical societal challenges including health, education and workforce, and climate and clean energy.

Showcasing the Impact of Using Evidence and Data to Solve Societal Challenges

Since the enactment of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act in 2018, leaders across the federal government have worked diligently to fulfill its legislatively mandated goals. While significant progress has been made in the development of agency-wide learning agendas and the introduction of chief data and evaluation officers in federal agencies, it is essential to identify and support initiatives that demonstrate why it is so important for government to use evidence to help solve societal problems.

The recently announced White House Year of Evidence for Action provides a platform for agencies to share leading practices, strengthen and develop new strategies, and increase collaboration within and outside government to encourage evidence-based decision-making across the federal government. But further work is needed to demonstrate how the strategic use of evidence can lead to better policy outcomes for the American people.

Achieving an evidence-based Government demands a whole-of-Government approach where leadership and staff view evidence generation and use as essential to their roles.

President Biden’s FY23 Budget Request

We’re launching the Evidence for Action Challenge in collaboration with The Pew Charitable Trusts Evidence Project to drive progress on critical policy challenges, surfacing ideas rooted in scientific evidence that can lead to better outcomes across the Administration’s most pressing priorities, including health, education and workforce, and climate and clean energy.

To submit your idea, complete the form below. If selected, FAS and Pew will work with you to refine your idea, identify relevant government audiences, and engage decision-makers who are best-positioned to implement your idea.

Submissions will be accepted until June 9th, 2022 at 11:59 PM ET.

How We Are Evaluating Submissions

We’re looking for ideas that demonstrate — with a sense of clarity and urgency — why it is so important to use evidence to help solve the greatest policy challenges of today. Submissions should focus on:

  • Meeting the moment. Why would the use of evidence and data help solve a critical agency need? How does it connect to the Administration’s priorities? 
  • Connecting the dots between evidence and its use. What specific data or evidence would be needed? How would agencies use it?
  • Showcasing the potential for impact. How would the world be better if this was implemented? What are the potential outcomes? What are the barriers? 
  • Making it easy to implement. Could your idea be easily implemented? Would an agency be able to take on your proposed action items with its current capacity?

How to Submit

Have an idea? Here’s how you can participate:

Step 1: Select your focus area. We’re sourcing the best ideas that showcase the impact of evidence and data on Education & Workforce, Health, and Climate & Clean Energy.

Step 2: Fill out the form below to submit your idea for consideration.

Step 3: Work with our team to develop your idea and put it into action.

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