What is the Day One Accelerator? 

The Accelerator is our flagship program to democratize the policymaking process by offering a platform to support and convert impactful science, technology, and innovation ideas into policy change. The toughest problems to solve are best understood by people wrestling with them every day, and we believe you are the ones with the best ideas! You need not be an expert in policymaking to participate—you just need to be passionate about a promising idea.

How it works

  1. People seeking policy change submit their initial idea by completing the form below. To be considered for the next cohort, submit your idea by June 22nd, 2020. 

  2. The Day One Team reviews each individual submission for consideration in our next Day One Accelerator Cohort beginning late in June 2020.

  3. A cohort of up to 15 participants is invited to join our program over a 45-day sprint to develop their idea into a Day One Policy Memo. 

  4. At the end of the 45-days, participants have a chance to pitch their idea to an audience of policymakers at a Day One event later this year.

Before You Submit

  1. Check out our FAQ

  2. Review our policy papers and check out the ideas and backgrounds of our first cohort

  3. Preview the questions in the submission form below

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