Day One Talent Hub

People are policy.


The Day One Talent Hub is our initiative to help federal agencies identify and access world-class technical talent to advance progress on priorities where science and technology can make a dramatic impact. 

Meeting the Moment

Now more than ever, technical expertise in government can make a world of difference for public servants and citizens alike. And while many experts are motivated by the idea of public service, they don’t know where or how to begin exploring a high-impact “tour of duty.”


Federal agencies often lack deep reach into the expert communities best positioned to help on key priorities — and the muscle memory to harness key flexible hiring authorities to bring them in quickly.


The Talent Hub rapidly identifies, matches, and deploys technical talent into federal agencies to work on the most urgent policy priorities through key flexible authorities, like the  Intergovernmental Personnel Act Mobility Program.

For federal partners, this is a one-stop-shop to receive support and guidance to engage scientific and technical talent in agency priorities, including:

1) Identifying and Brokering Talent

Matching and onboarding scientific and technical talent to federal  agencies for “tours   of   duty” focused   on   addressing   urgent   policy priorities. The Day One Project offers administrative support and an experienced team to help agencies in identifying and onboarding scientific and technical into offices where agencies need them the most.

2) Helping Build Capacity To Use Flexible Hiring Mechanisms

Meeting agency needs by providing support to leverage   flexible   hiring   mechanisms. Flexible   hiring   mechanisms   are dramatically   underutilized   by   federal   agencies,   as   many   lack   1)   the   time, resources and know-how to navigate their complicated requirements and use cases, and 2) the access to networks to identify the top talent for a relevant position.

​To learn more about the Day One Talent Hub, read our FAQ below or send your questions to

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this funded?

We work with governments to assess what resources may already be at their disposal in order to onboard top S&T talent. In certain cases, we work with philanthropists interested in driving progress on key issue areas relevant to their expertise.

What is the Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement (IPA) Mobility Program?

The Intergovernmental Personnel Act, or IPA, Mobility Program, is a hiring tool that gives world-class experts the opportunity to undertake a “tour of duty,” serving their country “on loan” from their home university, nonprofit, or state/local government. While IPAs are frequently used by some agencies to onboard researcher talent through dedicated programs (e.g. NSF “rotators”), most agencies do not have established mechanisms to onboard such talent. The IPA hiring mechanism allows for experts and federal agencies to enter into intermittent, part-time, or full-time assignments and offer a flexible onramp for highly-skilled experts to enter government service with either private or federal funding. Even in instances where agencies cover the costs of IPA assignments, they are often more economical and less burdensome than comparable processes, like cooperative agreements or requests for proposals. While many agencies may consider pursuing IPAs for deep research projects, there are myriad, untapped opportunities for science and technology experts to contribute to a federal agency’s goals.

I'm a S&T expert interested in public service, how can I get involved?

Reach out to the Day One team at to let us know you are interested, and we will keep your name in our database as we continue to build out the Talent Hub and placements.

I work for a federal agency, how can I learn more about the Day One Talent Hub?

Please contact Faith Savaiano at with any questions regarding agency participation in the Day One Talent Hub.

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