Orly Lobel is the award-winning author of several books and numerous articles, the Warren Distinguished Professor of Law and the Director of the Employment and Labor Law Program. A graduate of Harvard Law School and Tel-Aviv University, Lobel’s interdisciplinary research is published widely in the top journals in law, economics, and psychology. She has recently been named among the most cited public law scholars in the nation. She is a prolific consultant and expert. In 2020 Lobel advised the Federal Trade Commission and in 2016 Lobel consulted the White House on employment mobility policy, resulting in a presidential call for action. Her scholarship and research have received top grants and awards. She is in high demand as a speaker and commentator at leading associations, companies, and top media, including Intel, Samsung, TED, AlphaSights, New York Times, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, and Businessweek. Lobel’s research focuses on innovation policy, intellectual property, patents, copyright, trade secrets, trademarks, employment relations, employment and labor law, equality, discrimination, regulation, compliance, enforcement, digital platforms, technology, class actions, automation and work policy.