Grace Wickerson (they/them) is a PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University, where their research focuses on materials, designs, and fabrication strategies for medical devices that dissolve in the body. Beyond the research lab, Grace co-founded Design for Equitable Systems to develop methodologies for doing equity-centered, community-driven, transdisciplinary work to redesign unjust systems. Prior to Northwestern, Grace received their B.S. from Rice University where they served as Student Body President during their senior year as well as co-chaired the Mayor of Houston’s Higher Education Student Leadership Alliance. As a high school sophomore, they founded a non-profit organization, Kickin’ Violence, that sought to educate middle and high school students about relationship violence and over five years impacted the lives of 5000 students across Florida and raised $800,000 to support survivors of violence nationwide. Grace is committed to designing technologies that are accessible to all as well as technologies that treat patients who are under-researched and underserved in medicine.