Andrew “Sosa” Sosanya is a technologist who is passionate about exploring the impacts of technology and innovation on our society. He is a machine-learning engineer and founder of the nonprofit Builders of Tomorrow, a community of technologists focused on building public goods. Previously, he worked as a Policy Analyst for the Day One Project, where he built a platform for science and tech policy ideas. At the Day One Project, Sosa helped develop ambitious and actionable policy ideas on issues such as reforming the $700B+ defense budget, electrifying the aviation ecosystem, and training diverse scientists.

Prior to the Day One Project, Sosa worked as an avid researcher, studying topics in physics, artificial intelligence, and national security. In 2020, his senior thesis on the rise of autonomous weapons and militarized AI won Dartmouth’s Chase Peace Prize and was subsequently published in the Peace Review Journal of Social Justice. In 2018, Sosa was an Astrophysics Fellow in Caltech’s NASA NuStar Group, researching ultra-bright neutron stars. Sosa graduated from Dartmouth College in 2020 with an honors B.A. in Physics & Government modified with Computer Science. Sosa is active on Twitter at @sosanyo.