Scoping Ideas for an Advanced Research Portfolio at the Department of Transportation

The Federation of American Scientists is seeking bold ideas to tackle persistent and emerging transportation and infrastructure issues across the United States.

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Thinking Big to Identify and Tackle Grand Challenges

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, signed into law in November 2021, authorized the creation of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Infrastructure.

The ARPA-I authorization presents a generational opportunity for the Department of Transportation to think big and take on monumental challenges across transportation and infrastructure–including in the domains of safety, digital infrastructure, resilient and climate-prepared infrastructure, and many more–that are ripe for breakthrough innovation.

FAS is seeking to identify and develop ideas from experts who are willing to “think big” and creatively about solutions to transportation moonshots.

Read “How to Unlock the Potential of the Advanced Research Projects Agency Model”

by Arati Prabhakar

Areas of Significant Opportunity

The Federation of American Scientists has identified several domains in the transportation and infrastructure space that retain a plethora of unsolved opportunities ripe for breakthrough innovation.

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An Open Call for Breakthrough Ideas

Do you have ideas that could inform an ambitious future advanced research portfolio at DOT? We’re looking for your thoughts.

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A Convening on The Future of U.S. Infrastructure Innovation

MIT Mobility Initiative, MIT Washington Office, and The Engine hosted a workshop with leaders from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and infrastructure stakeholders to envision the future of the nation’s infrastructure.

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