CCOVID-19 Update

In light of current events, we are soliciting contributions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our aim is to: 

  1. Create an online clearinghouse for actionable policy ideas; 

  2. Convey those ideas for urgent policy action to policymakers who can use them; and 

  3. Help individuals whose ideas need refinement through our Accelerator.


We welcome ideas from individuals of all backgrounds (you need not be a public health expert). Promising ideas may address one of the below questions -- or another important question that would help government respond to the current crisis (and those like it in the future).

  • Pandemic Response: What immediate actions do policymakers need to take in order to respond more effectively? (E.g., Actions to limit non-emergency surgery during the pandemic to free up hospital beds)


  • Key Associated Societal Challenges: What government actions might help address the societal challenges presented by COVID-19, from ubiquitous broadband and telehealth to grants and loans to sustain young firms? (E.g., recent expansion of Medicare telehealth benefits)


  • Get it Right Next Time: What can we learn from the response so far that should inform future government pandemic and crisis responses? (E.g., early mobilization of a whole-of-government approach).


  • Make Key Changes Permanent: What recent policy changes have worked and deserve to become “standard operating procedures”? (E.g., make rapid procurement tools widespread)


  • Your idea here!


Contributions will be reviewed on a rolling basis and contributors notified as selections are made.