At an important moment of science policymaking, federal policymakers are continually seeking ambitious science ideas. 

Building on previous work done with Day One Contributors Adam Marblestone and Sam Rodriques on creating Focused Research Organizations, the Day One Project partnered with the recently launched Institute of Progress to develop and advance ambitious policy ideas to reshape public institutions and drive global progress. 

Over the course of seven weeks, 18 contributors joined us on this mission, as they designed, iterated, sought veteran policymaker feedback, and published actionable memos on improving the R&D pipeline,  spurring social progress, and enhancing U.S. competitiveness. 

The proposals were inspired by the nascent community of technologists, economists, historians, anthropologists, sociologists, innovation scholars, the science of science policy advocates, and others steeped in knowledge about how to most productively create more equitable, inclusive, robust, prosperous, and effective societies. 

Many of these proposals were inspired by Patrick Collison and Tyler Cowen’s seminal article on “We Need a New Science of Progress” and a direct response to systemic declines in marketplaces that could support new ideas as highlighted by Derek Thompson.